Werney Beyer Consulting is situated in the heart of Germany alongside the alluring River Rhine and the colorful Wineland ‘Rheingau’ (Rhine District). The nearby Rhine Gorge refers to the Upper Middle Rhine Valley; a 65 km stretch of river flowing through stunning sloping valleys dotted with viticulture and medieval castles. This enchanting section of the Rhine that flows from Rüdesheim to Koblenz is a UNESCO world heritage site and its landscape perfectly depicts the quintessential image of Germany that attracts thousands of tourists each year. Rüdesheim and its surroundings are nestled within this spectacular landscape and visitors can explore the vineyards, historical sights, and immerse themselves within the quaint half-timbered houses, artisan specialty shops, and wine taverns often wreathed with vines that line the streets of these towns.

Illustration by projekt_ard

I am professionally qualified as a ‘Representative and Tour Guide for Holiday Regions’ and have taken on multiple roles in the tourism industry from organiser and tour guide for excursions to a trainer and instructor. Alongside my work and whilst travelling, I discovered my passion for photographing and filming the beautiful landscapes in which I was seeing, and from there I realised I wanted to turn this vision into a profession. For me, photography and filming have encouraged me to discover the world again from a new angle, in the same way travelling did.

For my work on-board various river and ocean cruise ships, I studied ‘Tourism and Sport Management’ with a focus on cruise management which allowed me to work as a presenter, lecturer, translator and travel concierge during my global cruises. Currently, I have been working as a cruise director, coach and tourism manager on luxury sea and river cruise vessels and I am regularly invited as a guest speaker to national and international travel & cruise conferences.