As a freelance tourism manager, cruise director and travel photographer, I work alongside cruise companies and travel agencies to provide insider knowledge and options for destination management and travel excursions. I perform regularly as a guest speaker at international travel & cruise conferences.

Offering extensive knowledge on prime filming, excursion and cruising destinations and with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, I also offer high resolution photography and 4K film packages, tailored to client’s needs.

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I am able to offer first-hand, professional consultations, planning and management of excursions and events for cruising and tourism companies. This service is available on a regional, national and international basis. I’ve acquired extensive knowledge on European and international rivers, including the Rhine, Danube, Moselle, Douro, Rhône, Seine, Gironde estuary, Nile, Amazon, Mississippi, Yangtze and Mekong, to name a few.

I have completed over 10 global cruises and visited over 150 countries. In addition to this, I have a working network of first-class tourism professionals that operates successfully around the globe. My service is bookable for a variety of jobs in the tourism industry and I am convinced that my professional communication, organization, initiative, creative and proven problem-solving skills make my company the best way forward.

Cruise Expert

  • European waterways
  • Global cruises

Cruise Director

  • River cruises
  • Sea cruises

Shore Excursion Manager

  • Sea cruises
  • Destination management worldwide

Tourism Manager "Rhine District"

  • Destination management
  • River cruise “Rhine Valley”


  • Tourism staff
  • Hospitality staff

Guest Speaker

  • International conferences
  • International trade fair

Lecturer & Infotainer

  • River vessels
  • Ocean liner


I offer custom-tailored photo and video productions from the planning stages through to marketing and completion. Combined with extensive experience and with the co-operation of film teams and professional photographers, I am able to create custom 4K film and high definition photograph packages tailored to the client. You can see examples and more details of my work here:

Photo presentations

  • Professional shots of cities, landmarks, architecture & landscapes
  • Photo presentations of all kinds (Powerpoint)


  • Promotional films between 30 seconds to 30 minutes for your needs
  • Own music production or licensing

Aerial Photo & Videography

  • Aerial shots of cities, landmarks, architecture & landscapes
  • Aerial shots of real estate properties
  • Aerial shots of castles, hotels, companies & private properties
  • Cruise vessels (river/sea)

Travel Documentaries

  • From DVD to 4K high resolution films
  • With narrator and/or captions
Werney is a self made man; he is more than a consultant, Werney is a Travel Guru, particularly in Europe. He possesses exceptional interpersonal skills and mixes comfortably with a wide range of age groups; from the very young to the elderly. His organisational skills are of the highest calibre and he seems to tackle the most complex situations with relative ease. He leaves no stone unturned in meeting the needs of all clients, regardless of their backgrounds. He easily leads large groups (up to 300 people) as well as small groups. He has very natural leadership skills and is very highly respected and admired by all who know him – he has developed friendships Worldwide. Werney has the confidence and experience to be successful in a wide variety of careers which would use his superior management and leadership skills.
Travel guest, Manager Defence Census
There are times you meet people who are nice, there are times you meet people who impress you, then there is Werney Beyer. Werney is not only nice, he is not only impressive, he is an absolute professional, he is a man of supererogatory actions. I have seen Werney go the extra mile when encountering a range of problems, No matter how big the problem he is always positive and upbeat. His energy and positivity is infectious and he lifts the mood of those who come in contact with him.
Travel guest, Managing Director
Don’t let anyone tell you that Germans don’t have a great sense of humour! Having just spent time watching the man in action as a Scenic Cruise director down the Rhine and Danube, I can’t recommend him enough. His energy, personality, and twinkle-eyed wit won over guests from all sides of the globe . . . nothing was too much trouble, whether cycling miles down the towpath to pick up medicine from the pharmacy, or jumping out in front of a busy line of traffic to allow excursion buses to leave on time. Werney is the Champions’ League of tour guides – it’s always showtime when he’s on board!
Travel guest, Writer & Business Magazine Editor
There is a very special bit of magic that you are left with after an encounter with Werney Beyer. Having had the opportunity to spend time with Werney recently, I was left with a renewed sense of wonder, not only with the world and people around me but of the world and person that reside within. Werney has an incredible ability to connect with people in a variety of scenarios. From engaging and entertaining large diverse groups while choreographing staff and presentations to executing the smallest of details for an exacting clientele, Werney does not miss a beat. It is like a conductor and his symphony with the result nothing short of beautiful music. Life is not a dress rehearsal and it was a pleasure to be a part of Werney Beyer’s SHOWTIME!
Travel guest, Coach & Office Manager
Best I have seen. Totally committed, respected by the whole team. Thinks way outside the box. Very lucky to be with him. I will be looking for more trips with him.
Travel guest, Engineer